Grinch cake

Grinch Cake

I grew up reading “The Grinch Stole Christmas!”. It was a sort of self imposed ritual for me, every year in school. Up through high school. I was wholesome. Like that. Even afterwards, The Two I gave birth to, lived this in repeat; reading watching, reciting, often times with force and against free will. These days, 25 days of Christmas and Netflix combined ensures we embrace this miserly Dr. Suess antihero, one so endearing, that he has us believe, in second chances, restoration, hope, redemption. Cue the tissues, please.

Yes, people, this is my ode. To a gloriously green villain who makes an ultimate Hero’s journey, and to me, is one of the best Christmas stories told.

“You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch.” And I become Cindy Lou.

Now before I lose all train of thought and existence of what the subject matter for this blog should be, I will introduce you to the day’s theme. A loaf cake, pound-ish in nature, ridiculous fluffy like it could totally aspire to be any other tiered frosted pastry counterpart.

We’ve dealt with surprise embedded stories before. It’s almost like a double feature. A piece within a piece. Here, themed green and red, plush with a teeny heart, revealed only upon slicing will have you facing a volley of questions…

How did you get that heart in there?
How does the heart stay in?
Can you make this without a heart?

I could answer these touching a hundred or so poignant thoughts, paralleling how any heart could impress/melt the socks off anyone, as I believe it should. But do we really have time to take on a vague-ish life lesson at this point or just get with our discussion? I knew you’d agree.

Moreover, I bet you’ve painted cake batters before. Also tried endless ways to make them differently decorative. Though, really when your citrus poundcake dreams come true in less than half the calories, don’t you think the excitement exponentially rises and has you believe nothing in this world could ever trump it (no political ideology/insinuation intended ;-))?

So then how did I do it without the aid of magic or supernatural feat ( I’m good, but not that good. Yet).

Simple. I color, twice. The hearts are red cake, sliced and punched out with mini cutters, baked, prior to the green batter. Arranging these grinch hearts, and fully surrounding them with newly whipped green batter, ending with a final bake ensures what you see in the pictures flooding this page.

It’s actually a canvas on which you can paint or just about fulfill any flavored cake aspiration. And set in motion several options on how to do the simple 9×5 loaf.



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